Information on Yellow Dock

Latin NameRumex crispus
Part UsedRoot
Herb FormsTincture, capsule, bulk herb.
AffectsBlood, Digestive system
CautionsContains oxalates. Use this herb cautiously if you have a history of kidney stones.
Botanical InfoA member of the Buckwheat family with long lance-shaped leaves and a tall spike of greenish flowers turning to rust-colored seeds.
DescriptionYellow dock is a bitter bowel tonic that can remove excess heat associated with over-indulgence in heating foods (such as sugar, stimulants, red meat, and alcoholic drinks). It is also a very mild laxative, which because of its astringent properties, can also help stop chronic diarrhea, accompanied by heat, not deficiency conditions with fatigue. Because of its mild astringent action, the overall effect is one of normalizing the bowel movements and clearing heat. The herb is often recommended as a blood-cleansing remedy used for acne or psoriasis, perhaps in conjunction with Oregon grape root. It promotes the flow of bile and is used for jaundice, hepatitis, and swollen lymph. Yellow dock is often used by pregnant women to raise the blood iron levels and prevent iron deficiency. The root is not rich in iron itself, but it probably helps the body assimilate iron, so the tincture of yellow dock should be taken with a good herbal iron supplement, such as one rich in sea vegetables like nori, or nettle herb. It is also a good idea to add at least 1 serving of green leafy vegetables daily, such as collard greens, to the diet.

Yellow Dock has a taste of BITTER, ASTRINGENT and a temperature of COOL.


Powder1-2 capsules 2-3 x daily
Decoction1/2-1 cup 2-3 x daily
Tincture2-4 droppersful 2-3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Yellow Dock

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Acneheat removertincture, tea, capsules, tablets
Anemiadigestive stimulant, aids iron assimilationtincture, capsule, tea
Constipationbowel tonertincture, tea
Hyperactivityheat-clearingtincture, capsule
Impetigoheat clearingtincture, capsule, tea
Intestinal obstructionbowel tonic, liver coolercapsules, tablets, tincture
Intestine, knottedbowel tonictincture, capsules, tablets
Jaundiceliver coolertea, capsules, tablets
Pimplesheat removertincture, tea, capsules, tablets
Menstruation, deficientblood cleanser and buildertincture, capsule, tea
Obesityelimination enhancertincture (short-term)
Orchitisclears heattincture, capsule
Poisoningbowel cleanser, blood cleansertincture, tea, capsule
Shinglesheat clearingtincture, capsule
Sinusitisheat-clearingtincture, tea, capsule
Gallbladder problemscholagogue, liver cleanser, bowel coolertea, tincture, capsules, tablets


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