Information on Turmeric

Latin NameCurcuma longa
Other NamesIndian saffron
Part UsedRhizome
Herb FormsStandardized extract in capsules, tincture, fresh or dry rhizome for tea.
AffectsDigestive system, Liver
CautionsAvoid use of this herb during pregnancy; if you have hyperacidity or stomach ulcers; or if you have bile duct obstruction or gallstones.
Botanical InfoA large-leafed, aromatic plant with fragrant yellow flowers and brightly-colored orange or yellow rhizomes in the Ginger family.
DescriptionTurmeric is useful for improving digestive function as well as for diarrhea. It is sometimes considered by herbalists to be helpful for removing environmental toxins or heavy metals from the body, for hepatitis, and to remove pains in the liver and stomach. In Chinese medicine turmeric is used both internally and externally for pain resulting from a traumatic injury. Its strong anti-inflammatory activity is due to its yellow pigment, curcumin. Some studies suggest that turmeric has cancer protective activity.

Turmeric has a taste of ACRID, SPICY and a temperature of WARM.


Decoction1 cup 2-3 x daily
Tincture1-3 droppersful 2-3 x daily
Extractfollow label instructions

Ailments Treated by Turmeric

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Duodenum, inflammation ofintestinal anti-inflammatorycapsule, tablet, tincture
Liver, enlargementanti-inflammatory, hepatictincture, tablet, capsule
Sterilityreproductive tonictablet, tincture
Uterine cystsblood movertincture, tablet
Jaundiceliver protectortea, tablet, capsule
Digestion, poorwarming digestive stimulant, carminative; harmonizes liver with digestiontea, tincture, extract in capsules
Inflammationantiinflammatorytincture, extract in capsules


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