Information on Pulsatilla

Latin NameAnemone pulsatilla
Other NamesPasque Flower
Part UsedHerb
Herb FormsHomeopathic tablets, diluted tincture.
AffectsReproductive system, Nervous system
CautionsFresh plant is highly irritating and toxic.
Botanical InfoA low-growing soft, hairy plant with basal leaves and blue to reddish-purple flowers. A member of the Buttercup family.
DescriptionPulsatilla has sedative, analgesic, and antispasmodic properties and is indicated for headache, neuralgia, dry coughs, laryngitis, mumps, and mild dizziness. Women use it for amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea, and it is sometimes taken in minute doses for premenstrual syndrome. Pulsatilla increases circulation in both men and women.
The herb is commonly used in homeopathic preparations.

Pulsatilla has a taste of BITTER and a temperature of COLD.


Homeopathic preparation10 drops to 1 drpfl 3-4 x daily in water

Ailments Treated by Pulsatilla

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Headache, acuteanalgesichomeopathic tablet
Neuralgiaanalgesichomeopathic tablet
Dysmenorrheaanalgesichomeopathic tablet


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