Information on Propolis

Latin NameResina Propoli
Part UsedBee Resin
Herb FormsTincture.
AffectsIntegumentary system
CautionsSome commercial forms of propolis are known to contain lead. Manufacturers should be required to prove their products do not contain more than 1-2 ppm of lead.
Botanical InfoThe resinous secretion from bees, made by collecting the resin from the buds of Populus spp. and other sources.
DescriptionPropolis is a natural bee product used to seal the hive against bacteria or fungal infection. It has demonstrated anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties and is especially indicated for gum problems, mouth sores, and sore throats. For these uses, a tincture is added to a little water. Propolis counteracts urinary and respiratory tract infections and has been used for staph and strep infections.

Propolis has a taste of ACRID and a temperature of WARM.


Tincture10 drops to 1 dropperful in water

Ailments Treated by Propolis

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Gum problems, generalantibacterialtincture diluted as mouthwash
Throat, sore--acuteantibacterialtincture internally and diluted as a gargle
Toothacheantibacterial, immune stimulanttincture