Information on Lady's Mantle

Latin NameAlchemilla vulgaris
Other NamesAlder buckthorn
Part UsedHerb
Herb FormsTincture, capsule, bulk herb for tea.
AffectsReproductive system, Urinary system
CautionsNone noted.
Botanical InfoA low growing meadow plant and garden plant in the Rose family with yellowish-green flowers and large circular folded leaves.
DescriptionLady's mantle is a popular women's herb used for such complaints as cramps, heavy menstruation, and menopause. It is used internally for diarrhea and as a douche for leukorrea and vaginitis. Externally, lady's mantle serves as a wash for cuts and burns.
It has also been used topically in traditional medicine for leukorrea and vulval itching.

Lady's Mantle has a taste of BITTER, ASTRINGENT and a temperature of NEUTRAL.


Infusion1 cup 2-3 x daily
Tincture10-30 drops 2-3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Lady's Mantle

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Menorrhagiaastringenttea, tincture
Menstrual crampsuterine tonictincture, tea, capsule
Leucorrheaastringenttea as a douche


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