Information on Hyssop

Latin NameHyssopus officinalis
Part UsedLeaf
Herb FormsBulk herb, tincture.
AffectsImmune system, Respiratory system
CautionsContraindicated during pregnancy.
Botanical InfoAn aromatic perennial herb from the Mint family with linear-lanceolate leaves and flowers arranged in terminal spikes.
DescriptionHyssop is chiefly an expectorant and diaphoretic herb employed in bronchitis, coughs, and colds. It is used for flatulence and as a gargle for sore throat. It is applied externally for bruises and wounds. The demulcent and expectorant effects of hyssop are attributed to its volatile oil.

Hyssop has a taste of ACRID, BITTER and a temperature of WARM.


Infusion1 cup 2-3 x daily
Tincture20-40 drops 3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Hyssop

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Bronchitisantiviral; mucolytictincture, tea
Colds, acuteexpectoranttea, tincture


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