Information on Goldenrod

Latin NameSolidago virgaurea
Part UsedLeaf, Flowers
Herb FormsTincture, capsule, bulk herb.
AffectsReproductive system, Digestive system, Urinary system
CautionsContraindicated in chronic liver disorders.
Botanical InfoA tall perennial plant which grows in large colonies in fields and open places with long arching sprays of small yellow flowering heads.
DescriptionGoldenrod is pleasantly warm and aromatic and has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It is used to treat irritated or atonic bladder and amenorrhea. Goldenrod is one of the only bladder tonics in the western materia medica, and herbalists consider it useful for strengthening the male and female sexual organs and reducing irritation in the prostate gland in men. Thus, it can be helpful for people who wake up in the night to urinate with little output volume. Goldenrod is useful as a diaphoretic remedy in colds and flu, especially with digestive symptoms such as diarrhea.
It has a high bioflavanoid content and is healing for varicose veins. Goldenrod tincture or tea has a pleasant taste and is sometimes used to disguise the bitter or harsh flavor of other herbal preparations.
Note: Soledago virgaurea is the species traditionally used in the history of western herbalism; however, S. canadensis, which has similar properties, is often substituted throughout the U.S.

Goldenrod has a taste of ACRID, BITTER and a temperature of WARM, DRY.


Decoction1/2 cup 2-3 x daily
Tincture2 droppersful 2-3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Goldenrod

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Bladder, atonicbladder tonic, anti-inflammatorytea, tincture, capsule, tablet
Bladder, weakurinary tract tonictea, tincture, capsule
Dysuriaanti-inflammatorytea, tincture, capsule
Bladder infectionurinary tract tonictea, tincture
Prostate imbalancesantiinflammatorytincture, capsules, tea


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