Information on Dusty Miller

Latin NameCineraria maritima
Other NamesSilver ragwort
Part UsedLeaf Juice
Herb FormsTincture.
AffectsSense Organs
CautionsAvoid large doses.
Botanical InfoA medium-sized herbaceous plant with blue, purple, and white flowers in the Aster family, having silvery leaves covered with a dense felt.
DescriptionThis plant, which was once held in high regard, is seldomly used today. The sterilized or freshly-squeezed juice of cineraria has been used for cataracts and conjunctivitis (pink eye) to expedite healing.
A few drops of the juice were placed into the eye several times daily. This caused a slight burning effect which quickly disappeared.


Tincturea few drops diluted in water
Leaf Juicea few drops for external use

Ailments Treated by Dusty Miller

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Cataractsunknownsterilized fresh juice
Conjunctivitisunknownsterilized fresh juice


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