Information on Corn Silk

Latin NameZea mays
Part UsedStigma
Herb FormsTinctures, bulk herb.
AffectsUrinary system
CautionsNone noted.
Botanical InfoA coarse erect annual with long sword-shaped leaves from the grass family--the familiar source of edible corn.
DescriptionCorn silk is a mild soothing diuretic used in cystitis or prostatitis as well as for gravel or incontinence. It is important to make a tea of the fresh corn silk or take an extract made from fresh corn silk to insure effectiveness. In France, it has been used traditionally to stimulate weight loss. Chinese herbalists consider corn silk to be beneficial for digestion, jaundice, diabetes, and edema and to promote urination.

Corn Silk has a taste of SWEET and a temperature of NEUTRAL.


Infusion1-2 cups 2-3 x daily
Tincture1-2 droppersful 3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Corn Silk

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Graveldiuretic, demulcentfresh tincture
Bladder infectionsoothing diuretictincture, tea
Bladder, irritatedsoothing demulcenttea, tincture


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