Information on Cattail pollen

Latin NameTypha latifolia
Other NamesPu huang
Part UsedPollen
Herb FormsBulk herb.
AffectsBlood, Cardiovascular system
CautionsAvoid during pregnancy.
Botanical InfoStout leafy reeds of ponds and lakes up to six feet high with dark brown spikes and abundant yellow pollen.
DescriptionThe abundant yellow pollen of cattail spikes is collected, toasted, and taken internally in teas or in capsules to stop excessive menstrual bleeding.
The toasted pollen is available from Chinese herb dealers and is used for stopping all kinds of bleeding--nose bleeds, from wounds, blood in the urine or in the stool, and for heavy menstrual bleeding.
It is possible to toast cattail pollen collected in the spring and early summer from wild cattails in an iron skillet for 5-10 minutes until golden brown.
The raw pollen has the opposite effect--it is used to dispel "stagnant blood" and reduce menstrual pain, chest pain, and postpartum abdominal pain.


Infusion2-3 cups daily

Ailments Treated by Cattail pollen

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Bleeding, internalanti-hemorrhagictea, capsule
Nose bleeding, from debilityanti-hemorrhagictea as a wash


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