Information on Butcher's Broom

Latin NameRuscus aculeatus
Other NamesBox holly
Part UsedHerb
Herb FormsTincture, capsules, bulk herb, powder.
AffectsCardiovascular system
CautionsNone noted.
Botanical InfoA small, stiff spiny-leaved shrub in the lily family with large bright red or yellow berries on the upper twigs.
DescriptionButcher's broom has been used since the time of Dioscorides as a diaphoretic, diuretic, and aperient. In more recent times, it has become quite popular as a treatment for venous insufficiency with such conditions as thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. The herb is used internally or externally as a general tonic to the veins. Butcher's broom acts as a liver regulator for jaundice and for improving overall circulation and relieving edema.

Butcher's Broom has a taste of BITTER, ACRID and a temperature of COOL.


Tincture20-40 drops 2-4 x daily
Capsules1-2 capsules 2 x daily

Ailments Treated by Butcher's Broom

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Varicose veinsvenous tonictablet, capsule, tincture


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