Information on Bladderwrack

Latin NameFucus vesiculosisphoto
Part UsedThallus
Herb FormsBulk herb, powder, capsules.
AffectsEndocrine system
CautionsUse sparingly if you have or have had a goiter; high in iodine. Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use long-term.
Botanical InfoA seaweed with flat, forked green to black fronds, a distinct midrib, and oval bladders. The leaves are crunchy, sour, and mucilaginous-tasting when fresh; they can be used in salads.
DescriptionBladderwrack is popular for its anti-obesity effects and is a good source of trace elements, particularly iodine. It is thought that bladderwrack stimulates the thyroid gland, increasing basal metabolism. It is sometimes used locally for symptoms of rheumatism.

Bladderwrack has a taste of SALTY and a temperature of COOL.


Capsules4 capsules 2-3 x daily

Ailments Treated by Bladderwrack

AilmentTreatment SupportApplication
Metabolism, slowhormonal stimulantcapsules
Goiterthyroid regulator, iodine sourcetea, powder in capsules


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