Information on Warts

DescriptionWarts are small, sometimes hard growths on the skin and are associated with a virus. They occur more commonly in young people and can come and go.
Treatment PlanHerbal treatment includes immune stimulants, antiseptics, and antiviral applications like bloodroot. Be cautious with bloodroot, as it can burn sensitive skin. A number of other herbs, especially ones with milky juice, are recommended for removing or discouraging warts. These include milkweed, fig, and spurge juices applied on the warts several times daily.

Herbal Remedies for Warts

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Arbor vitaeantisepticoil externally
Bloodrootantiviraltincture externally
Castorlocal immune stimulantoil externally
Celandineantiviralfresh juice externally