Information on Vitiligo

DescriptionVitiligo (leukoderma) is a depigmentation or whitening of the skin, possibly due to an autoimmune disorder. There is no sastifactory treatment or cure.
Treatment PlanHerbal treatments that may provide some benefit include immune tonics and adrenal tonics, when these systems are weak. Because many skin problems are related to liver, bowel function, and food allergies, liver-regulating herbs and bowel-strengthening herbs, as well as a continuous course of probiotics, may also be helpful.

Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Khellapigmentation enhancertincture, internally and externally
Milk Thistleliver protectant, tonictablet, tincture, capsule
Gingerbowel strengtheningtincture, tea, tablet, capsule