Information on Uterine cysts

DescriptionUterine fibroid cysts are benign tumors in the smooth muscle of the uterus. Their cause is unknown, but they are thought to enlarge with increased levels of estrogen, as in oral contraceptives or pregnancy.
Treatment PlanIn Traditional Chinese Medicine, uterine fibroids are said to be caused by a stagnation of blood and vital energy.
Herbal remedies include hormone regulators, blood-moving herbs, and local immune stimulants.

Adjuvant Therapy: Castor oil packs, 30-40 minutes each evening, and sitz baths (sitting in an alternating hot, 4 minutes, with cold, 1 minute bath for 4-5 rounds each day). Acupuncture treatments with moxibustion can also be valuable.

Herbal Remedies for Uterine cysts

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Vitexhormone regulatortincture, tablet, capsule
Turmericblood movertincture, tablet
Castorimmune stimulantoil as a pack
Red Chinese Sage Rootblood movertea, tincture