Information on Toothache

DescriptionToothaches are usually caused by infections in the tooth, or supporting structures, which irritate and inflame the nerve, leading to pain. Proper dental hygeine is of the utmost importance. See a dentist for a complete health program for the teeth and gums.

The most important preventative measure is to avoid all forms of simple sugar in the diet; proper protein nutrition is also of value. Adrenal insufficiency can also play a role in this disease.
Treatment PlanHerbal support includes anodynes, adrenal tonics, and soothing anti-inflammatory poultices around the infected tooth. Immune stimulants are also valuable, and long-term probiotic intestinal gardening to discourage oral pathogens has been said to be beneficial in balancing the flora in the mouth. For symptomatic relief of a toothache, white willow bark extract internally can be of some help, but probably more effective is a liberal local application of numbing, anaesthetic herbs. Applying hot water compresses externally often brings surprisingly good results, as does applying 4-5 drops of osha tincture on a small cotton pad and placing it at the root of the infected tooth.

Herbal Remedies for Toothache

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Oshaantibacterial, anaesthetictincture, chewed dried root as a poultice
Echinaceaanaesthetic, immune stimulanttincture, chewed dried root as a poultice
Propolisantibacterial, immune stimulanttincture
Cloveanaesthetic, antibacteriala drop or two of clove oil on the infected tooth