Information on Tinnitis

DescriptionTinnitis, or ringing in the ears, is a condition that can be brought about by exposure to loud noises (Pete Townsend of the rock band the Who has a severe case). If the condition has persisted for less than a year and occurs only in one ear, the chances are good that it can be completely cured. If not, the chances are variable, depending on the health of the individual and the severity of the disease.
Treatment PlanA number of metabolic disorders such as diabetes or adrenal insufficiency (yin deficiency) can precipitate this problem. The herb of choice for this condition is the circulatory stimulant and antioxidant herb ginkgo as a standardized extract. The herb should be taken in a dose of 120 mg a day, and it may take up to several months before definitive results are seen. Scientific research shows that it can reverse the symptoms in some cases. Adrenal tonics will often increase the effectiveness of ginkgo.

Herbal Remedies for Tinnitis

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Ginkgocirculatory stimulant, antioxidantstandardized extract in capsules or tablets
American Ginsenghormone tonic, metabolic regulatortincture, tea, capsules or tablets
Siberian Ginsengmetabolic regulatortincture, tea, capsules or tablets
Rehmanniametabolic regulator, adrenal support herbtea, tablets or capsules with other similar herbs