Information on Throat, sore--acute

DescriptionSore throat is a common symptom that is associated with a number of both common, self-limiting and serious diseases, especially viral or bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract.
Treatment PlanHerbal support includes astringent herbs, immune stimulants, antibacterial herbs, antiviral herbs, and soothing demulcent herbs.

Adjunct Therapy: vinegar mixed with hot water as an inhalant

Herbal Remedies for Throat, sore--acute

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Sageastringent, antiseptictea as a gargle and internally
Echinaceaimmune stimulanttincture
Propolisantibacterialtincture internally and diluted as a gargle
Licoricesoothing demulcenttea, whole root chewed
Lemonrefrigerantfresh juice
Poplaranti-inflammatorytincture, diluted as a gargle
Rhatanyastringenttincture, diluted as a gargle
Slippery Elmsoothing demulcenttea, lozenge
White Oakastringent, antiseptictea as a gargle