Information on Shingles

DescriptionShingles is a viral infection characterized by pain occurring along the course of infected nerves, followed by vesicles erupting on the skin along the path of the same nerves. The active infection usually lasts about 3 weeks, though residual pain can last for months. The same virus that causes shingles is associated with chicken pox in children.
Treatment PlanHelpful herbs include topical anti-inflammatories applied as a cream or a wash, antivirals, demulcent herbs, topical pain-blocking herbs, and heat-clearing herbs for the intestines in some cases . Relaxing herbs or anxiety-relieving herbs with a cool nature may also be useful .

Herbal Remedies for Shingles

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Lemon Balmantiviraltincture internally and externally
St. John's Wortantiviral, anti-inflammatorytincture interally, oil externally
Cayennepain blockercream externally
Yellow Dockheat clearingtincture, capsule