Information on Poisoning

DescriptionNoxious substances such as industrial chemicals (pesticides, herbicides) and heavy metals (lead, mercury) are ubiquitous in our environment. For instance, many people in industrial countries, including the United States carry a "lead burden" in their bodies. These substances can disrupt cellular processes and lead to disease. For instance, certain types of immune-based immunological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis have been linked to heavy metal toxicity.
Treatment PlanA number of cleansing methods are often recommended by health practitioners to cleanse the body of these substances. Bowel cleansing, fasting, blood purification, and lymphatic cleansing are all used. Herbal purifiers and cleansers are an important part of these programs (echinacea, burdock}. Liver protectors are also helpful (milk thistle, turmeric).

For acute poisoning by bad foods or other poisons, call the local poison control center for help. After the acute symptoms have passed, herbal cleansers and protectors should be used for several weeks to help remove any toxic residues. Herbal support for any affected systems is also indicated.

The most reliable emetic for clearing the body of acute toxins is ipecac, an extract of a rhizome from a South Amercan plant; lobelia is sometimes used, but is not as reliable.

Adjunct Therapy: deep colonics and sweating

Herbal Remedies for Poisoning

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Echinaceaimmune stimulant, blood cleansertincture, tablet, capsule, tea
Burdockblood cleansertincture, tablet, capsule, tea
Milk Thistleliver protectanttincture, tablet
Yellow Dockbowel cleanser, blood cleansertincture, tea, capsule
Ipecacemetictincture, syrup