Information on Mouth sores

DescriptionOccurring on the tongue or oral mucosa, mouth sores can be caused by the Herpes simplex type I virus. The sores are white or clear and can be quite painful. They are highly contagious, but often will disappear after a week or two. The sores can also reappear periodically when a person is stressed or deficient--especially in the hot months of the year.
Treatment PlanIn traditional medicine, they are often associated with heat in the stomach. Effective herbal remedies include heat-clearing herbs, immune stimulants, and antiviral herbs. Soothing rinses such as barley water or marshmallow root tea with a little licorice added is also recommended.

Herbal Remedies for Mouth sores

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Licoriceanti-inflammatory, heat clearingtea, tincture
Lemon Balmanti-viraltincture
Calendulaanti-viraltincture (placed directly on sore)
Alum Rootastringent, antiviraltincture, tea gargle