Information on Migraine headache

DescriptionMigraines are a type of headache that occur when blood vessels of the head and neck spasm or constrict, which decreases blood flow. Classical migraines are preceded by an aura, a group of symptoms that indicates a pending migraine headache. Common migraines are not. Migraine headaches can have a genetic component, but they are often related to chronic stress, tension, or food allergies.`1
Treatment PlanUse relaxing herbs, skeletal antispasmodics, anti-inflammatories, and blood-moving herbs. When the person with migraines is not excessively nervous or deficient, nervous system stimulants can be used in small doses (not more than 2-4 grams/day).

Herbal Remedies for Migraine headache

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Valeriannervinetincture, tablet, capsule
Feverfewanti-inflammatorytincture, tablet, capsule, fresh leaf
Skullcapantispasmodictincture, tablet, capsule, tea