Information on Memory, poor

DescriptionPoor memory can be a symptom of a declining blood supply to the brain. As we age, the health of the vessels often declines. Arteries and capillaries become clogged, and the brain, which needs a constant supply of oxygen and glucose, is often shortchanged. Poor memory may be simply a result of a lazy mind. As we get older, we often lose sight of the importance of challenging our minds with a course of new study or stimulating conversation. The mind is like any faculty or muscle--it needs stimulation and challenge to remain strong and sharp.
Treatment PlanThus, a memory improvement program would include a good dose of curiosity and moderate mental work daily, coupled with a cardiovascular health program, deep breathing to oxygenate the tissues, circulatory herbs, and mental herbs.

Herbal Remedies for Memory, poor

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Cayennecirculatory stimulanttincture, capsule
Ginkgocirculatory stimulanttincture, tablet
Rosemarycirculatory stimulant, nerve stimulanttea, tincture
Gotu Kolamental tonictincture, tea, capsule