Information on Intestine, knotted

DescriptionKnotted intestines, or intussusception, is a condition where the intestines telescope or collapse into themselves. This is often accompanied by a feeling of crampy, intermittent pain. If the blood supply to the intestine is blocked, the tissue may die, resulting in infection and gangrene. Consult a health care professional.
Treatment PlanKnotted intestines can occur because of chronic irritation or weakness in the vital energy of the bowel (enervation). An herbal support program can include bowel tonics, demulcents, and intestinal antispasmodics.

Herbal Remedies for Intestine, knotted

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Wild Yamantispasmodictincture, tea
Chamomile, Germanantispasmodictincture, tea
Yellow Dockbowel tonictincture, capsules, tablets