Information on Hoarseness

DescriptionA condition where the vocal cords become strained by too much talking or singing; pharyngitis or inflammation of the voicebox due to infection can contribute to the problem, which can become chronic.
Treatment PlanResting the voice is essential. Soothing demuclents, expectorants to reduce mucus congestion, and mucous membrane tonics can help.

Herbal Remedies for Hoarseness

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Stone Rootexpectorant, mucous membrane tonictincture, tea
Marshmallowdemulcenttea, lozenge
Slippery Elmdemulcenttea, lozenge
Licoricedemulcent, antiinflammatorytea, lozenge, tincture
Sagestimulates blood flow to the throat, relaxes membranes, antibacterialtea, lozenge