Information on Heart palpitations

DescriptionHeart palpitations, or abnormal beating of the heart, can be associated with organic, structural heart problems, heart damage from heart attacks, the use of stimulants, and nervousness. General weakness or deficiency of the adrenal and nervous systems can also lead to chronic heart palpitation or irregularities. For this, use tonics appropriate for the deficient body system.
Treatment PlanFoods and drugs that increase the irritability of the nerves should be monitored closely. These include stimulants such as coffee, cola drinks, black tea, bronchial inhalers, among others. Sugar holds a special place among agents that are commonly consumed and can aggravate heart irregularities and palpitations. Some of these conditions can be eliminated, or the symptoms greatly reduced, simply by abstaining from all foods that contain more than a few percent of simple sugars. These include cookies, cake, ice cream, fruit juices, dried fruits, many processed foods, honey, maple syrup, and many others. Heart-regulating and strengthening herbs are also important.

Herbal Remedies for Heart palpitations

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Hawthorncardiotonictincture, tablet, capsule, tea
Cactusheart regulatingtincture
Motherwortheart strengtheningtincture, capsule, tea

Herbal Remedies for Heart palpitations with Additional Ailments

Additional AilmentHerbApplication
Heart palpitations, from emotionsHawthorntincture, tablet, capsule