Information on Fever

DescriptionFevers are a normal part of the body's immune function and can help protect us against bacterial and viral infections. They are also a response to injury and other metabolic disorders. Low, chronic fevers can be a symptom of adrenal or immune deficiency, so tonic herbs for these systems are appropriate.
Treatment PlanIf the fever comes on quickly as a response to a viral infection, then internal heat-clearing herbs can be used to manage the fever. This kind of internal heat the body generates in response to infections can be cleared through the urine with the help of cooling and aquaretic herbs. Herbal antipyretics help "turn down" the body's temperature control thermostat in the hypothalamus, and thus the metabolic generation of heat, in the same way aspirin works to lower a fever. When a fever get too high (over 104-5 degrees), cool sponge baths and even soaking in a tub of cool water may be added to the herbal regime.

Herbal Remedies for Fever

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Elderdiaphoretictea, tincture
Yarrowdiaphoretictea, tincture
White Willowfebrifuge, analgesiccapsule, tea
Chrysanthemumheat dispersingtea
Lemonrefrigerantfresh juice
Maidenhair Fernrefrigeranttea
Marjoramdiaphoretictea, tincture
Sweet Annierefrigeranttea, tincture
Tamarindrefrigeranttea, fruit pulp
Vervaindiaphoretictea, tincture