Information on Eyes, inflammation--acute

DescriptionEye problems are often related to the liver in herbal medicine.
Treatment PlanIf the eyes are red and inflamed due to external irritants such as pollen or smoke, then an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial eyewash can be useful.

Cooling and opening liver herbs (dandelion, burdock, artichoke leaf, gentian) can help work with the associated internal imbalance.

A dietary regime of fresh fruits and vegetables and grains and legumes for several weeks is best. Avoid all liver-heating and irritant substances, such as alcohol, refined sugar, red meat, spicy foods, and pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.

Herbal Remedies for Eyes, inflammation--acute

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Golden Sealanti-inflammatory, antibacterialwash externally
Eyebrightantibacterialwash externally, tea internally
Dandelionliver coolanttea, tincture, tablet, capsule