Information on Catarrh

DescriptionCatarrh is a general term for conditions where thick, profuse mucus is produced from the sinuses, nasal passages, and airways.
Treatment PlanThe problem may be associated with allergies to foods like wheat or dairy, which helps create a mucus condition that is conducive to bacterial or viral infections of the upper respiratory tract.
An herbal treatment includes immune stimulants, herbal decongestants, mucous membrane anti-inflammatories, and drying herbs, also known as siccatives or anti-hydrotics.

Herbal Remedies for Catarrh

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Echinaceaimmune stimulanttincture, tablet, capsule
Yerba Mansaimmune activatingtincture, tea
Eyebrightdecongestanttincture, capsule, tea
Golden Sealanti-inflammatorytincture, tablet, capsule
Senegaexpectoranttincture, tea
Spikenardexpectoranttincture, tea