Information on Appetite, lack of

DescriptionLack of appetite, or anorexia is a symptom that can accompany a wide range of metabolic disorders. Appetite loss also occurs in hot weather or when one is tired or emotionally upset, and may not be a sign of illness. If this condition persists for more than a few days to one week, it is wise to consult a qualified health care practitioner or physician.
Treatment PlanHerbal treatment consists of digestive stimulants and relaxing herbs. Two particularly effective herbs are hops and wild lettuce, as they contain both digestive stimulating and relaxing properties.

Herbal Remedies for Appetite, lack of

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Hopsdigestive stimulant, nervinetincture, capsules, tea
Wild Lettucedigestive stimulant, nervinetincture
Gentiandigestive stimulanttinture, capsules, tablets
Blessed Thistlebitter digestive stimulanttincture, tea
Chivesappetite stimulantfresh leaves
Devil's Clawdigestive stimulanttincture, tea, capsules
Fenugreekappetite stimulanttea
Horehoundbitter digestive stimulanttea, tincture
Centauryaperienttincture, tea
Sweet Cicelystomachictea
Wormwoodbitter digestive stimulanttea, tincture
Iceland Mossbitter digestive stimulanttincture, tea