Information on Amenorrhea

DescriptionAmenorrhea refers to conditions where menstruation has ceased. This often happens when a woman has moderate to severe anemia, for the body is attempting to preserve blood and vital energy. Menstruation and ovulation can also cease because of a hormonal imbalance. Finally, women who engage in very strenuous athletic programs, such as long-distance runners, can stop menstruating. This may be due to an increase in testosterone which the body produces in order to respond to the increased demand to build muscle tissue.
Treatment PlanHerbs that "build blood" are recommended. Herbs such as yarrow act as blood movers and can help regulate menstrual periods. When the period is absent due to a hormonal imbalance, taking vitex is recommended.

Herbal Remedies for Amenorrhea

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Dang Guiblood builder and movertea, tincture, tablet, capsule
Vitexhormonal balancertincture, tablet
Yarrowblood movertea, tincture, capsule
Mugwortemmenagoguetea, tincture
Partridge Berryfemale tonictincture, tea
False Unicornuterine tonictea, tincture, capsule
Vervainblood movertincture, tea
Parsleyemmenagoguetea, capsule
Motherwortemmenagoguetincture, tea
Rosemarycirculatory stimulanttea, tincture
False Unicorn Rootemmenagogue; hormone regulatortincture, tea, capsules

Herbal Remedies for Amenorrhea with Additional Ailments

Additional AilmentHerbApplication
Amenorrhea, chronicBlack Cohoshtablet, tincture, capsule, tea
Amenorrhea, with pelvic painBlack Cohoshtablet, tincture, capsule, tea