Information on Alcoholism

DescriptionA craving for alcohol that can disrupt health, and interefere with work or family life.
Treatment PlanAlcoholism is treated much as any addiction, with anti-addiction herbs, blood cleansers, anti-stress herbs, bitter tonics, and relaxing herbs. In addition, it is important to add liver support herbs to the herbal program.

Herbal Remedies for Alcoholism

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Quassiadigestive bittertincture, capsules
Calamusanti-addictive, bittertincture, capsules
Passion Flowernervinetincture, capsules
Kudzutoniccapsule, tea

Herbal Remedies for Alcoholism with Additional Ailments

Additional AilmentHerbApplication
Alcoholism, stomach disorders ofCayennecapsule, tincture
Alcoholism, withdrawalSkullcaptincture, capsule, tea