Information on Adrenals, weak

DescriptionWeak adrenals often result from overextending ourselves too much. According to traditional medicine, every person has a given amount of vital energy from their ancestors, and when this is gone, there is no way to build it back up. It is important to learn how to manage and focus the vital energy we have, and acquire as much daily energy as we can through our food.
Treatment PlanWeakened adrenals syndrome is called "Yin Deficiency" in Chinese medicine, and it is treated with digestive herbs (Digestive Bitters formula), adrenal tonics which are also called "adaptogens" (eleuthero, licorice, schisandra, reishi, rehmannia, American ginseng), and relaxing herbs (valerian, California poppy, passion flower).

Herbal Remedies for Adrenals, weak

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Licoricetonifies weak adrenalscapsules or tablets (safe kind is called DGL)
American Ginsengtonifies weak adrenalscapsules, tablets, tea, or tincture
Siberian Ginsengadrenal toniccapsules, tablets, tea, or tincture
Rehmanniaadrenal nourisherChinese patent formula called Rehmannia 6 (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan)
Schisandrarestorativetincture, tea, capsule
Solomon's Sealtonifies weak adrenalstincture, tea
Ligustrumkidney and adrenal tonicextract in capsules, tablets, tea