Information on Abscess

DescriptionAbscesses are bacterial infections surrounded by inflammed tissues where pus collects. Here we are primarily concerned with abscesses of the skin or teeth. For internal abscesses of tissues or organs, consult a physician or qualified herbalist.
Treatment PlanApply a flax seed poultice (grind seeds to a powder, add water to form a paste); change frequently until it drains. Apply fresh plantain pulp or reconstituted dried powder, or calendula flowers powdered and reconstituted. Apply a cotton pad soaked with echinacea tincture. Change all poultices 3-5 times a day; keep using until abscess has drained and mostly healed.
For abscesses that won't heal, try applying an escharotic herb such as bloodroot in liquid extract form (apply to a sterile cotton pad and fix in place for a period of time), which will help remove the dead and stagnant tissue. Be cautious with these herbs, for they can damage healthy tissue if left on too long. Consult a qualified herbalist if in doubt. After the abscess is cleaned out, apply a healing, immune-stimulating herb such as echinacea. Saturate a sterile cotton ball with the tincture and apply directly to the abscess. Change several times daily.
Take echinacea or baptisia (false indigo root) internally for 7-10 days.
If the abcess persists, see your doctor or qualified health care practitioner.

Herbal Remedies for Abscess

HerbTreatment SupportApplication
Flaxanti-inflammatory, soothingapply moistened ground seeds as a poultice
Echinaceaimmune stimulantapply cotton pad soaked with tincture; take internally
Plantainsoothing antimicrobialapply reconstituted leaf powder as a poultice
Andrographisantibacterialcapsules, tincture, tea
Mallowanti-inflammatorytea as a wash